Monday, 30 November 2009

Dear Prudence

I'll run out of things to say tomorrow, but if I don't write this today, I'll forget about it.

Prudence, by someone who is not me...

She thought that trouble was coming
so hid away
and locked the door of her heart
against the light of day

At dusk she ventured- "What happened?"
A neighbour mocked:
"Joy passed by you at the height of noon-
Your door was locked."

Its all about the biteys

The Vampire Diaries doesn't look good on my tiny television.

Once again, I will have to take the big tv for my personal viewing.

Why am I posting this here... because I don't want to tell facebook, or twitter, but I had to tell someone. And once figuring that no one actually comes here, i realise its a safe place.

I can't help it if Vampire love is so addicting!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

The return of socialism... i mean, society

I went out this weekend, and had a jolly good time. Makes me remember that yes, I do have friends who are indeed willing to spend time with me, and sing songs with me, and dance like fools with me. I also have friends who will help me and my family and know what to do when things get tricky. Also, ones who know just what I want without having to ask.

This is what makes life good, and I remember that now.

Change makes life exciting.

Mr Darcy makes... drool.

Sleep makes lovely.
When I wake up, I promise myself that I will finish knitting, and then I might look up some singing/acting classes.