Tuesday, 29 December 2009

you should be proud...

Im proud!

Driving lessons are going well, i feel more confident in the whole driving situation and i just got reverse parallel parking in under 10 minutes. how good is that, good I hope!

And I almost... ALMOST have a functional bike.

and Im watching glee, coz why wouldn't you watch glee at 9.30 in the morning.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Its Christmas

am, 1:50, December 25. Christmas Day

After a hideous week at work, with big sales and so on and so forth. I look forward to my two days off. So, I started it with a cup of tea, for one... still cant work out if its incredibly lonely, or the most joyful thing in the world. When I work it out, I am sure I will let you know.

And then I finally decided to make more gingerbread cookies, they almost were massive fail, but I worked it out in the end, they dont taste as good as the first lot, but they look prettier, and isnt that what its all about?

The one with the silver balls on it, thats the perfect one. I wanted to keep it separate, more unique than the others, just so i would remember.

And the night before last, I managed to make a snow man on animal crossing, he will be melted now, but he seemed happy, he wanted a lovely snowgirlfriend, but I didnt make him one in time. Oh well, Im sure he will be happy in his new found puddle.

Earlier this week there was snow where my love is, It would have been wonderful to be there, but I can't be, so this christmas my body will be here, but my mind and my heart will be in the cold, wet and maybe snowy, north of the world.

until next time.
Merry Christmas everybody...
Im off to enjoy White Christmas. :)

Sunday, 20 December 2009

just so you know

same here

Dear neighbour

Could you please make your dog stop barking. I don't care how you do it, you can feed it, you can play with it, you can take it for a walk, heck, you can take it to the RSPCA and let some friendly man on a farm far away from anyone else, especially me, adopt it. That would be lovely.

Sleep would also be lovely, wouldn't it, I don't know if you got any last night, but I can tell you I didn't, simply because your dog was barking all night. OH THATS RIGHT, YOU HAVE ROLLER SHUTTERS DON'T YOU.

Look, I liked the previous family that lived in your house, their dog was awesome, and quiet, your dog isn't awesome and is not quiet, it is loud and messy and already has destroyed the lovely backyard that they made.

If you can not make your dog stop barking, I will make a complaint.

Thank you.
Your pissed off neighbour.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

i think its starting to happen...

It's all going to work out ok, I think.

But I'll get back to you when I am certain.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

see, im trying.

Today it's hot. But, I wanted to make gingerbread cookies. So when I got back from my driving lesson, I started to make cookies.
Butter, Sugar, check... so i start to mix that... and then go hunting for the eggs, which i could have sworn were in the fridge, but NOOOOO.

So, I have to walk to the shops to get eggs.

And then I made a big mess like I usually do when I bake, still havent cleaned it up...
Couldn't remember if i had put one or two cups of flour, so spent the 10 minutes of baking time thinking i wont actually have cookies at the end of this ordeal. but no, they worked just fine and taste quite lovely.

So, my attempt at getting into the christmas spirit looks like its working on the outside, but if you ask me, its failing miserably, why does it have to be so hot. I have so many lovely christmassy jumpers, and i just cant wear them in 40 degree heat.

UGH. bring on winter.... its only 6 months away...

christmas is here again...


Today I put my christmas tree up. It wasn't the lovely experience it used to be, beginning of December, excitement plus.
No, it was me, bored at home alone watching Fraser.

The lights don't work, and there was only one decent piece of tinsel. So, oh well

Monday, 14 December 2009

Today I should...

Today I should be sewing.
But instead I am reading blogs.

Today I should be thinking about patterns.
But instead I am thinking about ways to take photographs.

I really should decide to do something and stop listening to bad music.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

We've gone as far as we can go without crashing

The Swell Season are playing on the music box, the sewing machine is switched on, and the half altered clothes are sitting waiting to be altered... So why am I here.

I want to do something, which involved sewing and selling, but I'm waiting for something, I don't know what I am waiting for, can you tell me?
Or even better, you can make it happen!

No, I know, I have to do it all myself. I've learnt in life that things don't get handed to you on a platter... unless you have really ridiculously rich parents that will give you anything you want... I don't have these, so I have learned to work for what I need... shame I'm so lazy. BUT ALAS, THIS MUST BE DONE.

I hope what ever I am waiting for happens soon, because I'm getting a bit tired of doing nothing.

If everything goes the way its playing out in my head, my life will work right... I think!

I wish nan was sitting next to me telling me what to do next.