Tuesday, 15 December 2009

see, im trying.

Today it's hot. But, I wanted to make gingerbread cookies. So when I got back from my driving lesson, I started to make cookies.
Butter, Sugar, check... so i start to mix that... and then go hunting for the eggs, which i could have sworn were in the fridge, but NOOOOO.

So, I have to walk to the shops to get eggs.

And then I made a big mess like I usually do when I bake, still havent cleaned it up...
Couldn't remember if i had put one or two cups of flour, so spent the 10 minutes of baking time thinking i wont actually have cookies at the end of this ordeal. but no, they worked just fine and taste quite lovely.

So, my attempt at getting into the christmas spirit looks like its working on the outside, but if you ask me, its failing miserably, why does it have to be so hot. I have so many lovely christmassy jumpers, and i just cant wear them in 40 degree heat.

UGH. bring on winter.... its only 6 months away...

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