Thursday, 21 May 2009

Saturday nights alright for fighting

Come saturday, my family and I are off to Perth for the 2 week holiday that has been in preparation for approximately 2 years now.

From now on, everything that happens to me will be "when i come back from perth"

So. When I come back from Perth, i will make sure that i start driving lessons.
When I come back from Perth, I will make an inventory of all my camera gear so I can see if its all worth anything.
When I come back from Perth Ill actually try make some savings happen (though this may not be totally possible as two weeks after my return i run away to victor for a couple of days with the swede and the camera man)

Anyway. I think thats all. I just had to put it out there about the camera gear so that i would remember when i return. brilliant.

also. when i return from perth, i will win a game of chess against the computer, not just against a boy who has never played chess before.

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