Friday, 26 June 2009

Odd day

Today is weird. Theres no doubting that. I was woken too early by mum getting ready for work, then my alarm, then dad getting ready for work. I really wish we had carpet instead of wood.

Even after I had opened my curtains, I still couldn't see into the corner of my room where my clothes were, the sun was somewhere behind the clouds, which today seem lower than normal.

I can see to the hills which are covered, only half visible through a mass of clouds which are low enough to keep them hidden. Usually they would have cleared up by now, it's often only during the early morning before the sun comes up that they're engulfed in cloud. Today I think its getting heavier.

There is also a dog down the street which won't stop howling or whining. It sounds very sad. It puts an edge to this day. Buster seems very depressed too. Never a good thing.

I hope this day doesnt get any weirder.

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