Thursday, 11 March 2010

I'll give you a scenario

Two P platers sit at a red light, waiting.

One drives a new, gold Holden Commodore, decked out with tinted windows, spoiler and all the other trimmings. A passenger in the front seat and listening to Down by Jay Sean, singing loud with the windows down.

The other drives a white, 1989 Toyota Camry, a little bit of dirt on the side and a blue rose on the dashboard, a white sun hat sits on the back seat. Through a pair of three dollar speakers, Southernmost by The Lucksmiths plays on a borrowed mp3 player. She drinks a cup of tea from a travel mug and winds up her window.

The light turns green, as they take off, the gold Commodore speeds off and winds through the traffic and out of the white Camry's sight. The white Camry sticks to the speed limit.

Question: Who is cooler?

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