Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Yey, one follower

I should blog more, but to blog I have to think, I have to think about things to write, then I have to think about how to spell things, and then i have to remember my password and all that.
Far too much effort.

If I was to blog this year, it would have had a lot to do with being angry and sad and poor and not liking much about my life.

But now thats over for the year, and I am (as of last night) happy, and (nearly) not poor, and liking much of my life.

Like watching good movies with Puke and finding hairstyles that I want...

Speaking of which...

I even love the colour. But I think if I change colour, it will be dark red, not that vibrant. Still love it though..

So, I'm trying to decide if I want to go see Twilight. Apparently I have no choice and I have to.. (look at me go, using punctuation). And one day I will decide whether or not Gossip Girl is really worth watching. Sister says it is, even forced me to watch it once or twice. But I just can't get into it.

This one time, I found old pictures of me on my old computer

I have already forgotten where I put them.

Speaking of forgetting... I forgot my pin number today

Thank god for remember-ful mothers, (Im sure there is an actual antonym for forgetful)

Oh yey for good music.

Sometimes I write the wrong word.
Like just then... blogging was almost bloodding.
Can't even spell it right.
Oh well.

So, me and Carly are going to see The Swell Season next month, very excited.
Out of Adelaide for atleast 4 days. Yey, and who cares about flying that early in the morning, we can do it. Cant we Carls?....
oh god please don't let us be miserable...

I think I have written enough now.

My hand hurts
Strawberries are really good right now
Homebrand Gingernuts really arent that awesome, even if they do only cost 89 cents
Cups of tea really can save the world
though, if you drop your phone in one, its not going to help it much.

i do feel like a good drink.

...Meet me in Montauk...

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