Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Ikea and cabinets

Today Carly and I went to Ikea with friend Sharyn and a person. Her name was Carly also.
Hah. Anyways. So, after sitting, losing trollies, collecting trollies and all that jazz
We did the long walk through the showroom, where for the first time ever I wrote down where the things I wanted were.
And how successful was I!
Very, so successful that I spent my first $116 at Ikea. Usually I only ever spend about $3. But no, this time I bought a table and a cabinet and a couple of cute things that I have hunted for for months.
So, the car ride home was clearly awesome, you could even say eventful... I may have been mistaken for a rider on a rollercoaster. My seat didnt lock in due to the awesome boxes in the back. Well, it may have been dangerous, but fun always wins over danger.
Anyways, I made it home alive.
I put together my red table, easy. Its now in the corner of my room holding my studebaker and looking fabulous.
Next was to put my locker cabinet together, I knew this would be awkward enough, but little did I know how unco I actually am.
Thank the lord for fathers hey!
So, after a whole lot of stress, a cabinet was put together
and how wonderful it is!
Id show you a photo, but i havent put them anywhere yet.
So, thats the story. I have wonderful Ikea things in my bedroom now.

the end!

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