Monday, 22 October 2007

Things to be forgotten

So, of late I have had a very bad bad short term memory.
This can come in handy if you want to forget things you have done recently.
Like my saturday night, I had plenty of fun, went to the cavern, danced lots, then headed over to gosh with James and Ellyn. Strange things went down at gosh though.
I ended up at a place I did not want to return to, and I made another mistake. I wish that was part of forgetting. How ever, I was taken care of none the less.
I should be greatful of the person who lent me a bed and helped me in the morning, but I feel as if I have done something wrong. Anyways.
I need to now question why we do such stupid things when we know they are so wrong!
Was it the alcohol, was it the need for safety and something familiar? or was it just coz my brain didnt work and I couldnt think of anywhere else to go.
Yes, carly, you know what I mean, and I know you are dissappointed in me, But if it makes you feel better, there was no snuggling! hahaha.

So, I ended up sleeping all day yesterday after catching a train from adelaide to noarlunga home alone, I should have eaten more satuday night, I woke up and was sick with nothing! I hate that, it hurts lots.
Im so charming.
I got in a punch up in bed and am waiting for the bruises.
I have found a scratch approximately 14 centermeters long on my upper arm
and Many bruises and scratches everywhere else.
I need to thank Nick and his friends, pity I cant remember their names, for catching a taxi to where ever with me and keeping me safe and stuff.
I am sure that I should thank other people. but heres the deal. I think only one person will read this, and shes already mentioned. Silly spotty children, though we love them so!

So this is my farewell, I need to continue to listen to dean martin and nat king cole. Their voices are wonderful and safe and remind me of granma. What a lovely place to be.
Anyways. thats all
adu adu to you and you and you.
I watch too many old movies


  1. silly, silly spotty children

    and their fathers

    i wanna know what happened at gosh


  2. Well. I was standing near the steps which lead to the bar/toilets/outside
    and talking to ellyn about leaving
    and i started to cry
    haha. me crying while out, never!
    But we ended up in one of the toilet cubicles just talking and crying and stuff. heaps funny, weird.
    I didnt know as many people there as i should have, either that or i was too out of it to know.
    Miffy and that lot were there, steve and kym etc was there, brett was there, we had a dance at some stage, urm yeah thats all i remember being there.
    So, really, i shouldnt have felt weird, but it was.
    Maybe im lost with out you...
    i keep trying to find my way, but all i really know is, im lost with out you
    ok no more delta.

  3. bwaaahahaha, delta

    we'll both be out again soon